Make Texas Blue!

Make Texas Blue!

I came to Texas at the end of September. I knew I had to return to my home state at this pivotal moment in history. Staying in Oregon, a clearly blue state, felt useless. Texas was calling me. I bought a one-way ticket, and as soon as I arrived, my mask in place, I hit the ground running. No more phone banks for me.

I headed to every outdoor shopping center and indoor mall with hundreds of voting registration forms in hand. I quickly located every employee under 25 and made sure that all of them were registered. Many, it seemed, had been waiting for someone to make the process easier for them.

After the ridiculously early registration deadline passed on October 5th, I returned to these same malls and shopping centers to let all these young voters, now my friends, know where they could vote early. I gave them a list of voting locations. I answered their questions and addressed their concerns.

Voter suppression is real, but Texans are tough. I’m so proud of all of us. We have broken national records in terms of both voter registration and early voting. We can do this. We want to make Texas Blue. Go Biden and Go Texas!

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