“An entertaining, inspiring and decidedly countercultural account of parenting in a media-crazy world.” Full Review >


“This is an amusing account of one woman’s stand against the most dominant force in American culture.” Full Review >

Publishers Weekly

“Currey-Wilson writes with self-effacing humor, and any mom can identify with her sincere effort to give her child the best she can.” Full Review >

Rocky Mountain News

“This is an awesome book-club book, especially for mothers who are worried about doing the right thing.” Full Review >

The Oregonian

“Like Anne Lamott in "Operating Instructions," Currey-Wilson takes a humorous and self-deprecating look at her own parenting.” Full Review >

Good Housekeeping

“This rueful account of a TV addict trying to raise a TV-free child brings to mind Anne Lamott’s parenting classic, "Operating Instruction." Ultimately upbeat, the book is not to be missed… even by the most ardent American Idol fan.” Full Review >

Southwest Community Connection

“As a dad who, to this day, regrets not getting a handle on screen time with my now-adult child, I admire Ellen’s courage in fighting off Game Boys and Xboxes.” Full Review >

Family Circle

“With TV references peppered throughout—addiction is, after all, hard to quit—Currey-Wilson explores the role of popular culture in our lives as well as what happens when a mother’s good intentions almost get the best of her.” Full Review >

Parents and Kids Insider

“I was expecting a sort of guide - some alternatives to watching TV - but it’s a first-person account of a semi-neurotic mom who keeps her son away from TV.” Full Review >

The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

“I laughed my way through this book and then e-mailed Ellen to tell her how much I enjoyed it.” Full Review >