Currey-Wilson, a self-confessed television addict, pledged that her unborn child would have a less-intense experience with television. She grew up with intimate knowledge of the television schedule and the theme songs of Bewitched and The Brady Bunch. The challenge was to wean herself from the boob tube before the birth of her child and to stick with a drastically tighter schedule of television viewing after her son was born. But Casey is a fussy baby, and Currey-Wilson finds herself constantly struggling with the personal comfort of watching television and against the cultural dominance of television watching. She becomes an oddity in her community and frets that her child will be also. Still, she finds herself developing closer relationships with her eccentric family and her laid-back husband. This is an amusing account of one woman’s stand against the most dominant force in American culture. Parents and others with their own struggles with the TV will especially appreciate this book. Vanessa Bush

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